Its been a while..

I’ve been knuckled down with working full time! But its time to get back onto this blogging business.
Starting with revisiting an old tool feels appropriate!
Having written a tool for upsaving your scene some years ago
I’ve since learned a lot about string formatting and array navigation in Python.
The tool is simple, it finds out where your current scene is located and its name,
then looks for a number at the end of the name, adds 1 to it and saves the file, with the new name in
the same directory.

Set project button!

Nice little tool which looks for you ‘scenes’ folder and sets the project to that location:

Updated save tool!

I’ve updated the savetool to keep a master version of the file! I’m now refefing to it as an Up Save tool.

Breaking Skinclusters?

Skin Clusters break sometimes. Or you just want to copy skinning from one character to another.

Usually when I have a skin cluster playing up I rebind a duplicate of the mesh to the joints and copy the skin weights from the original mesh.
To do this:
1. Duplicate mesh
2. bind duplicated mesh to the same joints as the original
3. copy skin weights over from old mesh with Skin > Edit Smooth Skin > Copy Skin Weights

Gives you a fresh skin cluster but with the skinning you’d setup already.

Useful tutorials

During my internet explorations I’ve discovered Zeth Willie.
He does Maya Tutorials and posts them on Vimeo. He explains himself and Maya very clearly, which is great for beginners and advanced users alike.

His introduction to Python is something all Maya users should watch :)

Have a look: