Highend3d Down

I recently found out that highend3d, which used to be Creative Crash, has gone down.So I’ve created a Gumroad account and will be moving my scripts / tools over to there. https://gumroad.com/alrichardson The first one arShake, can be found here: https://gum.co/INrbb

Death Stranding

I’ve always had an interest in works by Hideo Kojima and recently I’ve become a bit obsessed with Death Stranding.Having watched the trailers a number of times I was captivated by the little robot which sits atop this characters shoulder.Initially captivated by its movement and just wanting to rig and animate it I set about […]

Reconnecting with lost animation

Occasionally an animator will be working away in their scene, when a new rig is published. Usually this isn’t an issue and the animator will reload the rig and have it available in their scene. But every now and then, someone doesn’t have their coffee in the morning and instead will load in the new […]

My latest demo reel

My most recent demo reel is of my work at PlaySide Studios where I have been rigging characters and looking after artist tools and pipeline. In this demo reel I am showing the final rendered mesh of the asset, the skeleton of the asset, to demonstrate the capabilities of the rig and its efficiencies. Then […]

Getting back to the shoulders.

I recently found time to get into some improvements in my rigging system. For the longest time I’ve not paid much attention to a characters scapular, often finding that it is off screen or required at all. But with Games technology improving and limits on bone count and poly count increasing I find my self […]

A little time travel.

During August of 2006 I rendered this image: At the time I felt it was the best I could achieve, I’d used all the tricks I had in my bag. A physics based glass shader, global illumination, final gather and light caustics rendered with Mental Ray from 3DS Max. I was pretty chuffed with the […]

Need for Speed!

After two years with EA – Firemonkeys, my team and myself are happy to launch Need For Speed: No Limits VR During this project I was responsible for the character rigging, animation, animation planning and artist team tools! The trailer is attached below but the 360 degree video works best on your phone. :)

Hiding Maya’s output wnidow

I’ve had enough of Maya’s output window, I know I’m not the only one. Fortunately Autodesk have introduced a proces to hide the output window with Maya 2015+ This is done by setting the System Environment Variable: MAYA_NO_CONSOLE_WINDOW 1 and restarting your computer. To implement this navigate to System Propities > Advanced > Environment Variables […]

Profiling code.

I’ve been wondering lately, when it comes to finding nodes in a scene, nodes which may or may no exist, which will be faster? using a Try, Except? or using maya’s built in objExists command? My theory was that the Try, Except would be faster as objExists would have to loop over all nodes in […]