Breaking Skinclusters?

Skin Clusters break sometimes. Or you just want to copy skinning from one character to another. Usually when I have a skin cluster playing up I rebind a duplicate of the mesh to the joints and copy the skin weights from the original mesh. To do this: 1. Duplicate mesh 2. bind duplicated mesh to […]

Zeroing out. Or in.

Today I wrote a little tool that simply groups whatever you have selected, for the purposes of cleaning up transforms. Also works with multiple objects selected and groups them all under a group in the same worldspace as the first selected object. Grab the code here and place it on your shelf. import maya.cmds as […]

Google keep

I’ve found myself using Windows sticky notes to jot down thoughts, ideas and lists. Then I bought an Android phone and started using a sticky notes app to do the same. After some time I found my notes fragmented and difficult to manage, then a friend suggested Google Keep. Google Keep is a note taking […]