My latest demo reel

My most recent demo reel is of my work at PlaySide Studios where I have been rigging characters and looking after artist tools and pipeline. In this demo reel I am showing the final rendered mesh of the asset, the skeleton of the asset, to demonstrate the capabilities of the rig and its efficiencies. Then […]

Breaking Skinclusters?

Skin Clusters break sometimes. Or you just want to copy skinning from one character to another. Usually when I have a skin cluster playing up I rebind a duplicate of the mesh to the joints and copy the skin weights from the original mesh. To do this: 1. Duplicate mesh 2. bind duplicated mesh to […]

Cluster tool

I wrote a bit of code that will create a cluster on polygon geometry regardless of selection type, eg face, edge or vertex. Speeds things up a little. import maya.cmds as cmds def makeCluster(): selection = for i in selection: string = str(i) try: object,selected = string.split(‘.’) sel,CVnum = selected.split(‘[‘) if sel == ‘e’: […]